Find your happy pace.

Start a running or walking practice for mental wellness.

Designed with licensed therapists, Strideful offers movement plans to enhance your mood, manage stress, and realize the best version of yourself.

Change your mindset toward exercise.

Instead of pushing your limits, Strideful helps you find the sweet spot where exercise is enjoyable and sustainable.

Support your activity with practical knowledge.

With Mental Sprints, you’ll get coaching tips, learn psychology-based tools, and more.

Track your mental wellness journey.

Use the Movement Journal to notice how physical activity impacts your mental well-being.

Introducing Strideful Inbox.

Start your movement practice today with our email-based program. Choose from running, walking, and walk+run plans.

For $25 (one-time cost, no subscription required), you get:

12-week plan

A 12-week plan that fits your activity preference, current fitness level, and how much time you have to exercise

Weekly emails

Weekly emails with your activity plan and Mental Sprint educational content

Movement Journal

A Movement Journal template to save on your phone

Mental health benefits of physical activity.

The mind-body connection is real. Research shows that consistent exercise benefits our mental well-being in several ways.

Releases feel-good chemicals

Experience the mood-enhancing effects of endorphins, endocannabinoids, serotonin, and more — all naturally occurring with no side effects.

Improves brain health

Moving your body can reduce stress, improve concentration, enhance sleep, and elevate other cognitive functions.

Boosts self-esteem

Setting a SMART movement goal and achieving small wins builds confidence in other areas of your life.

Strideful plans focus on building the habit first, then gradually progress to the range of exercise associated with optimal mental health benefits.

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