Encourage sustainable movement for mental wellness.

Walking and running plans that complement your integrative practice.

Strideful helps clients improve self-efficacy and experience the cognitive benefits of aerobic exercise.

Developed with mental health clinicians, our program focuses on building healthy habits and intrinsic motivation for a sustainable movement practice.

Beginner-friendly activity plans.

Our walking and running plans start small,
gradually progressing toward a manageable goal.

Knowledge to support the practice.

Clients receive coaching tips and bite-sized psychology content.

Journal to track activity and mood.

Clients bring their Movement Journal to sessions to discuss their progress and challenges.

Join the pilot program.

We’re inviting therapists to test Strideful as a complementary tool for a holistic, evidence-based practice. By participating in our pilot, you and your clients will receive access to an email version of the Strideful program at no cost.

Strideful is simple to implement into your practice and designed to help you gain client buy-in on physical activity, create a SMART goal for exercise, and monitor progress.

Bring Strideful to your practice.

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